Open flowers

“I’d like to be those flowers

Open to everything”

Heather Masse, “Bird Song” lyrics


“Before you can end the thoughts you have go through all the thoughts.” Manouso quoting /paraphrasing Geeta Iyengar 

Excerpts from Mr. Manouso Manos’ philosophy talk (March 3): “Even the most detached yogi will instinctively fight for survival when faced with imminent bodily death...We instinctively move through the world assessing risks we may be approaching. We also need to examine the risk that we are to ourselves. Can you learn to process what’s going on inside you the way you process what’s going on outside? Train yourself to pierce the intelligence inwards instead of looking to past, future, making plans and calculations. Search for the state of just being— a feeling, seeing, breathing entity where the social curtains have been pulled back.

Can we examine, then shed the perceived threats, both external and internal? You are dealing with your worst enemy—you. That part of you that got you where you are, could you let it go?

Could maitri possibly be translated (from the Sanskrit) as trustworthiness instead of friendliness? There’s a difference. Which would you rather relate to? Imagine going through that with yourself—how are you friendly with yourself versus truly honest/trustworthy? The more you can trust yourself, the more you can trust others. Rather than thinking everything is trying to attack you, can you just watch? Be an observer with wide-eyed wonderment... You’ve got the marks, the scars, that brought you here. What would you REALLY change?“

Paraphrased partial notes. Any confusion is my responsibility. All credit for shining the light on being a human being is due to my teacher.