And Still I Rise

November 9, 2016

Dear Student of Yoga,
At this time, I'd like to share this life-affirming recitation of Maya Angelou's Poem, And Still I Rise.
Rising each day to practice yoga, and be present to the our individual experience of NOW can carry us through times of crisis, and enhance our mental & emotional strength. Yoga practice can be our refuge. Being present to our own physical and emotional pain is the beginning of practicing compassion for the painful states of others in our universal experience of suffering in embodiment.   It is possible to be present with our own feelings the way one tries to be an accepting and compassionate presence with an upset child. Let the emotion pass, and let it inspire the next step on the journey -- Illuminating the experience, however uncomfortable, allows us to remove our own ignorance.  We bring more of the layers of our selves into the light, and embody the light.  Then we can work to cultivate the opposite quality.  Courage, love, kindness, and compassion in the face of fear, aversion or hatred. Generosity and patience instead of greediness.  We can find the possibility of equanimity in practice.  From Patricia Walden, "When we practice, we are practicing for our own well-being but we can also offer our practice to others, to make of our soul a lighthouse."
This weekend I will be studying with my teacher, Manouso Manos, for his annual workshop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I'm very sorry that I was unable to get a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher to substitute teach the Saturday morning class and it will be cancelled Nov. 12.  All other classes are happening-- there is Level III-IV tonight and Level I Thursday at 5:45pm. Please come and join in this practice in community. 
Hope to see you soon,
In yoga,

PS Please join us for a community honoring of Sri BKS Iyengar's birthday anniversary at IYCGR on Sunday, December 11th 4-6pm. Details are here.