Manouso Manos Intensive Day 2

Can I awaken myself enough into a state of concentration to understand the relationship between my mind and body?
— Manouso Manos, from today’s yoga philosophy talk, March Intensive Day 2

Taking apart a pose —and one’s body—intricate action by intricate action, is like shining a mirror on one’s being and behavior (Yoga darśana). In Manouso’s class it feels like there’s a magnifying glass illuminating all the hidden difficult to control places— middle coccyx, buttock bones, this buttock action, that other buttock action, gripping the hips, releasing the groins... An old self surrenders to the work to arrive in a new space of clarity where the previously unattainable alignments become possible. This is skillful action (Yoga) in āsana (postural) practice leading to freedom.
Is it not enlightening to realize that there are so many possibilities for how to be within a pose? We do have the freedom to choose how we act. 
Manouso guides us to work methodically and progressively so that gradually we are lifted out of dormant intelligence to a sensitive, skillful awareness, in which there is the possibility for transcendence of the present condition through the heightened perception and ability accessible through intense focus in the NOW.