on self-discipline

 “The end of discipline is the beginning of freedom. Only a disciplined person is a free person. So-called freedom is only a license to act and do as we like. Yoga is meant to train and discipline the worries and anxieties of men and women.”

Yogācārya B. K. S. Iyengar.

At the Intensive with my teacher, Mr. Manouso Manos, a couple of students asked questions about feeling like they wished they were more intense students/practitioners.

With a gentle voice, Manouso shared some insights (paraphrased here): “In our minds, we can do more. Knowing our limitations is smart...

Don’t feel guilty about your intensity level...

The word discipline comes from “disciple”. As in, ‘Manouso is a disciple of Yoga, or B.K.S. Iyengar.’ I’m intensely interested in it. It’s not discipline being inflicted on me. I’m asking, ‘what can I learn?’  It’s not a burden because that will or wanting of Yoga comes from within...”


Prasārita Pādōttānāsana —“intense stretch of the spread legs pose” 1st stage, see Light on Yoga, plate 29