The tiniest nail

Jānu Śīrsāsana ~ “Head-knee pose“ 

Jānu Śīrsāsana ~ “Head-knee pose“ 

“May I be the tiniest nail in the house of the universe, tiny but useful.” Mary Oliver

——————————————————————- “Every workshop

has its foundations set

on that emptiness.

The Master of all masters

works with nothing.

The more nothing comes into your work,

the more God is there.

We’ve talked so much! Remember

what we haven’t said.

And keep working. Exert yourself

toward the pull of God.

Laziness and disdain are not devotions.

our efforts will bring a result.

You’ll watch the wings of divine attraction

lift from the nest and come toward you!


As dawn lightens, blow out the candle.

Dawn is in your eyes now. “

—Rumi, “ Dervishes” transl Coleman Barks

———————————————————————- “Do your work

Then step back” —Bhagavad Gita ——————————————