“Though it will all vanish utterly, and surely in a little while, I know what is wonderful—

As reliable as anything you will ever know, time moves its dim, heavy thumb over the shoreline, making its changes, its whimsical variations.

Yes, yes, the body never gets away from the world,

its endless granual shuffle and exchange—

everything is one sooner or later—

When the praying mantis opens its wings

it becomes a green flower.

When the egg breaks

it becomes a bird.

When the river is finished, its avenues of light

fold and drop and fall into

and become the sea.”

Mary Oliver

Parśva Bakāsana ~~Crane/wading bird (to the side) pose

Change is inevitable. How will you transform? Can we learn to flow with the changes instead of struggle to hold onto the past? When we practice yoga Asana we start to see and realize how external forms are impermanent. By learning to pay attention to our actions in the present we can evolve in a healthy nourishing and productive direction. In Iyengar Yoga we use the body to train the mind to become present and skillful, to align the aspects of ourselves with the divinity within.


Parśva Bakāsana —crane to the side