sustained & dedicated practice over time leads to transformation

“The advantage of sustained and dedicated practice over time (tapas) is that it creates lasting results. What we do over time removes what we have created over time. We cannot leap to freedom in one bound or one immersion in a holy river. This is a dream, an illusion. Resurfacing ego will always grab us back. The immersion is a beginning and a declaration of good intent. We wash away our stains and heal our wounds and frailties over many minutes, in many hours, in many years of sustained, mindful application... The point we are seeking to reach is where we can act directly in the present. Direct action stems from direct perception, the ability to see reality in the present, as it is, without prejudice, and act accordingly. This is what it truly means to live in the present moment.” —BKS Iyengar, Light on Life, p. 136-137.


Mūla is root/base or beginning /foundation

Bandha means a bond, posture or fetter