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Avenue of the Arts   The Avenue for the Arts is a neighborhood title for the South Division commercial corridor. We are residential, commercial and nonprofit groups working together in a creative community. We are residents in Heartside, and active participants in shaping change in our neighborhood. In 2005, we choose the Avenue for the Arts as a title to represent our commercial corridor and the projects and events that we create. The Avenue for the Arts has been recognized as a center for arts and culture in Grand Rapids.

Dwelling Place provides affordable housing, support services, and is a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization.

Avenue of the Arts First Friday Gallery Hop On the first Friday of every month, South Division Ave becomes the ultimate destination to find artwork by local artists, handmade goods, and food and drink specials. This monthly event is a unique opportunity to check out new events and features at shops, galleries and eateries in the rapidly evolving South Division Corridor. First Friday events includes exhibition receptions, holiday sales, and student artwork on view. This event attracts downtown residents, as well as friends and supporters from surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs into downtown Grand Rapids; creating and strengthening community and commerce.

Kids’ Food Basket is the only organization in West Michigan focused solely on childhood hunger.

MomsBloom resets the expectations for parents and recognizes that the goal is not for Mom to be Superwoman. The goal is not to be a perfect parent. The goal is to have healthy, well-adjusted moms and dads who raise their children using their individual skills as well as the
knowledge and support of the broader community. Every day MomsBloom is preventing child abuse, postpartum depression, family stress and more. MomsBloom is volunteer-driven, and we rebuild a sense of community by connecting people to each other. Learn More.